Wile E Designs, LLC

For all your traditional and digital artwork needs

About me & my company

I started my professional artistic career in 1986, specializing in custom airbrushing along with other medias to produce various products including designs on fabric / leather, artwork on vehicles (motorcycles, vans, & boats), helmets, digital design, original illustrations, event props, murals, canvases, banners, theme related items, and much more.
All done for individuals and business clients alike.
I'm Ranae Andress and Wile E Designs, LLC is my company founded in Sept. 2010.

Many of my past clients would know me as lead artist for C. Harris Designs (which closed back in July 2010).

How it works...

The process isn't as difficult as you might think. Most people I meet with have some kind of idea we can start with. Some even come prepared with reference images. After a little (or a lot) of brain storming, during which I do sketches on paper of the artwork as it would fit on their particular item(s), we'll firm up the design. Ninety percent of the time these rough sketches are all that's necessary to make sure we have the concept down, but in some cases it's necessary to do a computer rendering so the client has a more precise visual of what the finished project will look like.
From there it's my job to make the rough sketches or computer proof a reality.

Please brouse the site. I've tried to show a variety of work and styles to give you an idea of what skills I have to offer, but by far I am not limited to what's displayed here.
Let me know what I could do for you.